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I tried to fight...

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.
~ Audre Lorde

an affirmation of worthiness

My Story

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves through your beautiful platform. Your comfort is warm, soft, full of beauty needed when you are working through healing.

your body is beautiful. period.

YOU are the LIGHT

i used to think of myself as a needy person. what i’ve realized after being around other people and not acting needy around them is that the relationship was actually what caused the neediness. because my basic need for safety wasn’t being met i tried to do everything i could to get it met from someone who couldn’t provide that. that made me feel very ashamed of myself, but now i am working to see myself as a survivor who was doing everything she could to ensure her safety.

smile, beauty

assert your humanity!

i had/have some healing to do. my worth was tied to my supposed purity, my body was used for male consumption and pleasure, my experience was minimized, my pain was ignored, my human emotions were neglected. so where do i even begin? i needed some honest conversations with god because i was fucking angry-- livid! and i was tired of people telling me some church cliches like that's gonna make me be like, “oh, you right, it was just a lil rape... god is good, all the time!” like, nah bruh, i was hurting and i had every right to be hurt. what...

i won.

let it go…
let it go…
let it go…
so you can find your real smile
so you can find your real joy
so you can find your light.
i see you.
i love you.
love and light,

Safety Exit